Longchamp reopens its store on the prestigious P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam, unveiling its new global design concept.

No matter where in the world you visit a Longchamp store, it feels like stepping into the apartment of a good friend in Paris. Just as every home reflects the passions, experiences, and personality of its inhabitants, Longchamp’s new design concept not only embodies the brand’s long history and craftsmanship but also exudes energy and optimism.

Inspired by the idea of a typical Parisian flat – a nod to the city where Longchamp was born in 1948 – the entire setting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the values, artistic curiosity, and worldly mindset that Longchamp shares with its customers.

The bags and accessories are displayed in the living room and library, where you can peacefully browse the new collection. Here, you can relax on Pierre Paulin’s soft sofa and peruse magazines and books showcasing the latest seasonal trends.

The large shop window allows for stunning natural light, and the white stone arch separates the ground floor from the slightly elevated lounge area where the ‘Le Pliage’ collections are displayed. The first eye-catching feature is the plaster and ceramic artwork on the wall at the entrance, created by Dutch artist Floris Wubben. Inside, the beautiful central staircase leads to the spacious vaulted basement, where a painting with colored anamorphic circles adds vibrancy and character to the space.

One of the key elements of this new concept is that each store showcases at least one item from the Longchamp archive.

The House of Longchamp began in the 1940s, crafting leather-covered pipes and other smoking accessories. The store’s interior is also inspired by 1940s furniture, featuring soft, curvaceous shapes and natural materials such as oak, walnut, and rattan.

The reopening of the Amsterdam store coincides with the launch of Longchamp’s 2023 summer collection in warm and sunny colors. It’s the ultimate invitation to embark on a journey!