The long anticipated third collaborative project between ASICS and Berlin fashion label GmbH, is a re-imagining of the GEL-NANDITM 360 shoe. The new ASICS by GmbH GEL-NANDITM 360 shoe model embodies an almost sculptural use of materials and colours, currently launching with two new colourways, in skeletal white and turquoise. The rendering of surfaces varies from slick and glossy to matt and tactile, echoing GmbH’s interest in juxtaposition of the synthetic and natural.

GmbH creates fashion through storytelling, craft and technology. With the GEL- NANDITM 360 sneaker, GmbH continues their research into the merging of artificial technologies, the natural world and the human body, drawing inspiration from water, near-future robotics and sci-fi. The white colour way is designed to appear like a spine and bones. The turquoise is based on childhood memories of the Aegean Sea. Bones and water, solid and liquid, and two essentials building blocks of the human body.

The collaboration showcases future possibilities of such a relationship, where the GEL- NANDITM 360 has technologies that enhances the body. Both brands further promote an importance in originality and craftsmanship within sportswear. A key feature of the GEL-NANDITM 360 shoe is the trail, which runs alongside the outsole of the GEL-QUANTUM 360TM formation merging it with the heritage trail running silhouette GEL-NANDITM OG. The GELTM technology by ASICS is a central component to the history and future of the brand. GmbH was founded in 2016 by Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik. The 2020 GmbH x ASICS GEL-NANDITM 360 releases on Wednesday June 27th at selected retailers Globally.