This summer, Lois Jeans is once again pushing its boundaries and opening its second home in Milan; Galeria Dos. The picturesque Italian property has been transformed into a unique 'Casa Lois'; the store concept where the modern Mediterranean aesthetic can be felt in all expressions. At the end of June, just after the official opening, the new collection No.13 will also be available there. A Spanish 'finca' in the Milanese district of Brera Nestled among the antique shops and boutiques in the narrow streets of Milan's Brera district, lies Galería Dos. An idyllic escape from home, inspired by Spanish roots and intertwined with the Italian character hidden among the stones. Galería Dos is the realization of a dream, where Lois' deep-seated soul is tangible in every corner and in every detail. A contemporary atmosphere, yet full of rich history. By settling down in the Brera district, the brand gets where it belongs; a much-loved part of the city previously inhabited by artists and bohemians. “Home is not a place, it's a feeling” The classic white arches, high ceilings and idyllic stone pillars; 'Galeria Dos' is a true escape from the everyday. In the serene space, surrounded by the organic stones, authentic details form and you experience a sense of true tranquility while shopping. A harmonious place where time seems to stand still for a moment. The love for the country and the city is reflected in the natural materials and pays tribute to the Italian heritage. Stones from old Italian villas have been reused and given a new lease of life in the in-house designed interior. Besides the Italian influences and curated objects, Lois introduces her own designed piece of furniture; an organically shaped sofa, inspired by the natural contours of the Spanish country and specially made for this gallery. In combination with the warm thatched ceiling and light stucco, the store feels like a Spanish country house where you are not a customer but a guest. "Mi casa, es su casa".

Via Madonnina 15, 20121 Milan, Italy