10 December

Lois Jeans introduces their new collection for Spring & Summer 2021


This season they have kept close to our essentials.
 They’ve connected to our signature basics and redefined classics from the past. Their Spanish roots have deepened and established a modern and strong Mediterranean aesthetic to carry throughout our brand. With everything they do they stay ‘close to home,’ creating their very own Casa Lois.



Casa Lois is a reflection of their essence, housing everything that is Lois. Their Amsterdam Galería turned into a warm and welcoming home, our customers became guests and our garments are closer to our DNA than ever before.



Collection No12 houses a mix of our worlds; ‘city cool’ and ‘modern Mediterranean’ with our signature jeans and airy linens as focal points. The freshness of blue and the warmth of earth tones make for an authentic contrast. This season’s sets and suits are effortlessly sexy, keeping it simple in the best of ways. Ton-sur-ton looks, intricate details, iconic prints, exclusive fabrics, No12 takes it home.



Between their familiar fits thy’ve also drawn inspiration from their archives to create new and exciting fits that take it to the next level.