The LOEWE SS21 Show-on-the-Wall will feature a series of online content to expand and enrich the personal experience of putting together and enjoying a paper show. The events will be aired throughout the day on the LOEWE social media channels. The idea is to offer deeper knowledge about the collection, the show concept and the artists involved, as well as entertainment, creating an experience that further enhances the identity of LOEWE as a cultural brand. The content will follow a xed agenda, with additional elements being added throughout the day.

Anthea Hamilton’s Collaboration British artist Anthea Hamilton (b. 1978) has created a unique wallpaper for this collection. Hamilton works in sculpture, installation and performance and is fascinated by the multiple meanings and resonances an image can provoke. Unexpected juxtapositions and surreal collisions of form and material abound in her work, with detours through the worlds of art, music, fashion and popular culture: from postmodern architecture or Japanese Noh and Kabuki theatre. Hamilton’s wallpaper Sr Jeanne Wavy Boots w. Gazanias and Snails (2020) is a collage of a boot and flower motif which frequently reoccur in her work. The wallpaper was designed as the backdrop for the SS21 collection and has been

transformed into a textile as part of the collection. Hamilton has collaborated with LOEWE on several occasions, including for her major installation The Squash at Tate Britain in 2018. Her monumental Vulcano Table (2014) is part of the Loewe Foundation Art Collection and is currently installed in the Casa Loewe store on London’s Bond Street.