The spring/summer 2023 women’s collection has focused on the line, colour and shape: the reality of clothing, in tension, with precision. The same erotic tension and precision of an anthurium flower: a product of nature that looks like an object of design and treated as such.

Reducing, tightening, redesigning the silhouette. Engineered panniers have a neat shape. Short dresses are very short: shrunken, either in enameled metal covered in a flowery pattern or in twistedly compact knit. So are leather and hunting jackets, which are almost reduced to miniatures.

Every so often, a pixelated glitch. The normality of T-shirts, shirts and chinos is twisted, padded, elongated and reproportioned. The process of draping, frozen at its peak.

Spike-heeled pumps, flats, pumped-up rubber pumps, pumps swarming in deflated balloons. The Puffer Goya bag continues its play on volume. Elongated and streamlined, the new Paseo bag. Braided sterling silver bracelets add elevated adornment.

A collection that is a blunt design statement, amplified through the act of reduction.