Paula's Ibiza Eau de Toilette is a scent designed to recreate the spirit of letting go associated with the unique island of Ibiza at any given moment and place.

Launched in 2020 and returning for another summer season, the EDT is a universal fragrance for both men and women that adds a sensual, olfactory dimension to LOEWE’s annual Paula’s Ibiza capsule collection of ready-to-wear, bags and accessories; a range that’s designed to carry a relaxed, Balearic beachside spirit into the everyday.

Created in collaboration between LOEWE’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, and in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles, Paula’s Ibiza EDT evokes escapism and joy through the senses: a memorable, transportive experience where the beach becomes both a place and an attitude.

‘The perfume was created to encapsulate Paula’s Ibiza’s barefoot, bohemian vibes where effortlessness and optimism go hand in hand ’ says J. Anderson.

The composition layers tropical top notes of coconut water, bright green galbanum and Madagascan mandarin oil with heart notes of driftwood, sand lily and frangipane, grounded by vanilla absolute, Sulawesi patchouli oil and warm ambergris at the base. It’s a scent suffused with spontaneity, hedonism and carefree spirit: escapism bottled.

And the bottle itself hypes the sense of hedonism: a rainbow-coloured ombré cylinder, with a glossy sky blue cap that invites the slippery touch of sun-creamed fingers. The box is embellished with an archive print designed by original Paula’s Ibiza boutique owners, Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick, depicting mermaids frolicking with sea horses, swimming amongst seaweed and scarlet coral reef.

Full of freedom and positive energy, the campaign stills and film are themed ‘Locomia’, shot on location in Mexico by long-time LOEWE collaborator Gray Sorrenti. We see models dancing together, skateboarding, exploring the town and feeling the sun on their faces. The colourful scenes, vibrant clothing and playful, uninhibited action encapsulate Ibiza’s liberating spirit.

Through the additional Paula’s Ibiza EDT campaign images, we continue our journey
through colour, back to LOEWE’s roots in craft. Gray Sorrenti’s studio shoot of models
Mona Tougaard and Fernando Lindez entwined against a white backdrop joined by acid-bright still-lifes of handmade papier maché fruits and vegetables: Mexican folk art-inspired pieces arranged in the distinctive stacked arrangements of the photographer, Nacho Alegre.

In-store, to celebrate Paula’s Ibiza’s seasonal return, the windows will be dressed with artisan-crafted animal busts by Spanish straw artist, Javier S. Medina, in reference to the highly crafted nature of the fragrance and the interior decorations that adorn Ibizan fincas.

As an olfactory accessory to the vibrant ready-to-wear styles of Paula’s Ibiza, the Paula’s Ibiza EDT is a sunny, irreverent and optimistic one, with an ultimately simple message: that your mind can always travel, carried away by your senses.