The LOEWE Spring Summer 2025 men’s show unfolds around a group of objects created by some of the most singular artistic voices of the 20th century, channeling Susan Sontag’s call for an ‘erotics of art’, privileging sensual pleasure over interpretation.

Peter Hujar, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Carlo Scarpa and Paul Thek are united by their fierce adherence to independence and artistic freedom; each pursued their work with quiet radicality. In their hands, everyday objects are elevated to the extraordinary: a chair, a coat-stand and an easel possess the complexity of a building, a photograph of a single shoe becomes a monument, and a scattering of whimsical artefacts are enshrined in bronze. The fractured mise-en-scène read as both a room and a landscape— is haunted by an imagined cast of characters. The drama moves from fantasy to reality, from a whimsical fairytale to the mundane, yet sacred, rituals of daily life.