The LOEWE Holiday Collection offers an electric clash of colour and craft: where bold neons meet seminal prints by British architect and designer Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857–1941).

‘Simplicity in decoration,’ Charles Francis Annesley Voysey once said, ‘is one of the essential qualities without which no true richness is possible.’ This principle runs throughout our Holiday Collection: the most thoughtful gifts are the simple but beautiful ones.

LOEWE’s Christmas selection of playful small leather goods and accessories has something for everyone. It’s a country garden full of sweet fruit, insect and animal gifts. There are golden Anagram and Signature charms and felt grape and lemon charms too. There are felt, calfskin and brass ower branches to be given as bouquets. An AirPod case with the face of a cat, and pouches shaped like oranges, butter ies and snails; all of which can be worn on a strap like a necklace. Wallets, cardholders, phone cases and keyrings, and even a little elf-sized Amazona Nano bag.

It’s become a holiday tradition for LOEWE’s capsule collections to respond to stars from Britain’s 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement. This year, it’s C.F.A. Voysey’s patterns of owers, birds and hearts that have provided the inspiration: his famous 1898 wallpaper design ‘The Owl’ becomes an intarsia wool cardigan, a wallet, a Pocket and a Drawstring Pouch, while his Herbarium orals are embroidered on wool toile dresses, blown up to blooming massive proportions on oorlength wool coats, and printed over Hammock and Puzzle bags and Cushion totes. In juxtaposition to Voysey’s nature-inspired prints —and yet designed to be playfully mixed and matched— the collection also includes an upbeat nightlife-driven narrative that explodes in a riot of colour and texture. Electric neons and sporty colour-blocking meet sequins, lurex and uffy shearling.

Alongside the new Puzzle Hobo and a wide range of Flamenco bags, the collection will introduce the Amazona 23, a new size in the Amazona bag—a LOEWE icon that originally launched in 1975 and recently returned for FW21’s Show in the News featuring Freja Beha. Men’s bags will include the Puzzle mini bumbag, the XS Military Messenger and Round backpack.

Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the holiday campaign celebrates the festive season with a characterful cast of real friends and families captured in living room scenes. The LOEWE Holiday Collection is available from November 11th, in time for the holiday season.

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