LGR015 sees Locked Groove teaming up with Gacha Bakradze for “3 Variations Sur Un Thème”.

After linking up online in 2020, Gacha and Tim decided to join forces and make something they believe is truly special.

Gacha Bakradze hails from Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. He has deservedly earned plaudits after releases on Apollo, Cin Cin, Die Orakel, Fever AM and Lapsus. Gacha regularly redefines his musical ideology; always bestowing it with mood based authenticity and excitement through rhythms and harmonies.
Just like Locked Groove, his musical output is diverse and always evolving, which makes them great collaborators.

Like the EP title suggests, the 3 tracks are loosely based on the same theme but explore different sonic landscapes.

Variation 1 opens the EP with skittish percussion and melodies weaving in and out. Variation 2 pushes the tempo to 150+ BPM with synth sounds reminiscing of rave years gone by.
Variation 3 dials things back and provides a more subdued yet euphoric addition to the EP.

For the remix they’ve enlisted Deniro.
The dutch producer, known for his precise use of melody and rhythm delivers a soulful and timeless rendition of Variation 1.

The EP is due 10 June on all digital platforms and will also be available on vinyl from 25 May.

Artwork by Ollie George with pictures by Locked Groove.

artists: Locked Groove & Gacha Bakradze remixer: Deniro
title: 3 Variations Sur Un Thème
label: Locked Groove Records

release date: 10 June 2022 cat #: LGR015
formats: vinyl & digital

1 Variation 1
2 Variation 2
3 Variation 3
4 Variation 1 (Deniro Remix)

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