A collection made to dress a cosmopolitan, ironic and feminine woman, who has made a perfect balance between comfort and style her signature: this is the Liu Jo Sportcollection that, in the Spring/Summer 2020 season, is focussed on the development of new fits, colours and shapes, on unusual combinations and on colour. And colour is just the star of the next season: from the softer shades of the first pieces to the vibrant, rich shades of summer, it tells about the many sides of a femininity that unleashes its full potential in the warmer months. So, in Spring, we find a mix of black and white (also featuring on the entire collection), Lotus and red, while, as the season goes on, it is pink, purple and fuchsia that take centre stage and are lit up with touches of Verde Germoglio – the shade that also closes the last part of the range, in tune with Belize and Verde Salvia. 

In the early season, pride of place is given to sweatshirts, especially a range that combines cotton and viscose with lace in matching shades, the surface (like the T-shirts) dazzling with a special all-over frostedfinish; they should be worn with a pleated lace skirt. There are also plenty of clothes in super-trendy neoprene, softened by a silver chain piping, to be matched with T-shirts with or without fringes and logos, and with pieces where viscose is mixed with satin – also available on pants and shorts – with a multi-logo made of embroideries, glitters or metallic threads. The world of metals also thrives in a capsule of shiny, engineered items, for an unmistakable sparkling effect, while knits in viscose blend, tulle and jacquard complete everything. For the early Spring, outerwear includes comfy, super-light quilted jackets with metallic details: a long jacket with a sparkling glittery back and a quilted jacket with details of metallic rings and a matching jacket case.

As the season goes on, the world of pinks – from pale pink to bright purple – steals the limelight: here, again, there are plenty of cotton sweatshirts in block colours with sequinned details and an iconic logoed tape, or viscose pieces trimmed in striped ribs and full-studded details. Research in new volumes is key: the cotton sweatshirts that steal the show are the most innovative ones, those that look like kaftans, or the super-comfy oversized sleeveless ones; both are decorated with shiny trimmings. Now, the pieces in Milano ribs, the collection’s must-have pieces, see special combinations with mesh in matching colours and details of iridescent rhinestones, while there’s a profusion of photographic prints that thrive on ironic, colourful oversized versions. This inspirational world is ideally finished off by rib-knit pants, a pair of shorts and a blouse, while the matching knits include a mix of colours, mesh and metallic yarns, playfully lighting up the first sunny days; outerwear includes a parka jacket with rhinestone details, a coloured nylon set, oversized rain jackets in block colours or in ‘running’ style, and a sparkling jacket with full-sequinned details on one side. Lastly, the special pieces include T-shirts with new volumes and above all a new tulle skirt (with shorts underneath) and a full-sequinned leotard, available in different colours: to shine, every single day.

With the arrival of the fine season, the most vibrant, lively colours tinge the collection with a tough attitude. The fabrics get even lighter, and there’s a riot of light cotton, organza, jersey and mesh, here. Clothes keep shining with fully sequinned sections and ombre prints, while attention is focussed on tropical-inspired pieces in cotton interlock (a pattern that recurs in a special Active capsule) and light, summery stretchy jersey. Here, metallic knits can be found on the most special pieces, paired with jersey, such as cotton matched with organza, so light and dreamlike. In addition, the hot summery days are dressed in a plethora of cotton and viscose jersey dresses, the most outstanding ones being striped with lace details. 

In addition, as many as three different sets have been built around the more ‘Active’ world, which is going stronger than ever: in solid Lycra mixed with tulle and a matt material, in Lycra mixed with stretchy lace – plain or printed –, in stretchy jersey decorated with embroidered sequins. Engineered fabrics are also used for the world of « bottoms », which includes six high-tech stretchy pants, either ‘thick’ or loose, as well as a few pieces in eco-sustainable cotton and recycled polyester; the same focus on the world of eco-sustainability also looks to the world of sweatshirts and T-shirts, in organic cotton and natural materials. 

Lastly, the entire collection is completed by ironic, trendy accessories to be worn every day with a casual attitude: belt bags, mesh and sequin backpacks, a bag that can double up as a backpack, transparent and colourful shoppers, satin and mesh totes and shoulder bags, and even coloured neoprene bags; this is a truly wide range and can be matched with anything, and it has been designed for women who love to play with their outfits, adding an ironic touch with baseball caps with rhinestones, in nylon or with fun brims, to face the sunny days in style.