Reflecting Louis Gabriel Nouchi’s lifetime passion for reading, each collection pays tribute to a book or a writer who has inscribed their vision on the world.

The SS24 collection is inspired by the book “A SINGLE MAN“ by Christopher Isherwood (1964)

This collection is a reflection on the tension between the structure imposed on men in society and the uncontrollable force of the repressed emotions. It opens the conversation on mourning, and how men are expected to react, openly show or not, emotions. 

In the novel, George has recently lost his long-term partner, Jim, in a car accident. George goes through a journey having various encounters that colors his senses and enlighten the possibilities of being alive and human in the world.


The 60’s Mods inspired jackets with sharp shoulders are strangled and cinched at the waist. 

Classics singlet and bodysuits from the 60’s men wardrobe are sublimated as new home-wear pieces. Thanks to micro-modal and lyocell fabrics these pieces enable confort, softness and breathability while being sustainable.


LGN continues its partnership based on innovation with ECCO LEATHER. The “CRASHER” expresso leather is a smooth biker nappa with sheen and delicate grain on a wax body, which causes it to retain the shape to which it is subjected. As our main character, these pieces keep the memory of a violent shock.

Off White “GAIA” is a smooth leather with a soft supple body and an ultra-glossy finish that evokes 60’s bodies of new cars, a pride of an established man.


Sculptural leather pieces embodies the car crash that changes Georges’s life forever. Silver “car crash” jacquard is like the crumpled sheet metal of the car after the accident.

A new design of twisting jersey tops and shirts reminds us of the emotions that can make our hearts spin.


The color palette base evokes both 60s and melancholia: Black, White, and Expresso Brown. Canary Yellow and Phosphore Blue are like encounters that are shaking Georges heart through his journey. The warm yellow of the sunlights on a stranger body or the phospore blue of the sea drops during a midnight swim. This memory of the water drops shinning on Georges’s and Kenny’s bodies inspired a fluid tonal satin jacquard.


Signature of the brand, the slit remains present on the neckline of top pieces, shirt and jersey pieces whereas it bares the male hip on the underwear.

Showing a shoulder or a hip is generally associated with female eroticism. Unveiling a part of oneself is an act of force that LGN wishes to promote. Revealing a back shows vulnerability, a contrast to our social facade. LGN wants men to embrace their own fragility and sensuality.


Beside with professional models; customers, and friends are invited on our catwalk. Started since the beginning of LGN shows, their presence highlight a different, real and desirable vision of the male bodies; a fundamental value for LGN. This time again clients of the brand are at the center of attention.


Flowers growing on car parts, worn as accessories, represents mourning as well as the beauty of the ephemeral, and renewal of life.

Models are impregnated with Fragonard’s “Fleur d’Oranger” fragrance, a comforting and summery olfactory memory. It’s also relate to the Mediterranean roots of Louis Gabriel Nouchi.