UNCERTAIN COSMIC BURST — Imagine having a sun that is not hot, and a sky that ends somewhere. The collection explores the illusion of being close to the sun, weaving together the conviction that senses are meant to be simulated and the mind made to be expanded. Focusing on absolute archetypes of everyday wear, Constança allows herself to experiment with innovative materials and techniques. Handmade woven gradient puffer jackets and skirts, felted blazers and painted silk dresses remain the focal point of the collection and materials used in an emblematic form. Inspired by Adolf Gottlieb’s abstract Burst paintings, this collections’ hand painted solar prints reflect and atmospheric ground of luminous colour, exploring the use of negative space, emotion and colour. Through the use of materials such as mohair and cotton canvas to create solar compositions, Constança suggests infinity intertwined with illusion.

MODALISBOA METAPHYSICAL arrives to Factory Lisbon for the 58th Lisbon Fashion week edition at Hub Criativo do Beato. This beginning of a new phase is an in-person event with a growing digital component – it is meta and it is physical – in constant experimentation, that crosses the geographies of Fashion, Technology, Innovation and Art in a path where multidisciplinary practices meet and new possibilities of permanence are tested. The problems at hand may be complex, but ModaLisboa will be – will have to be – a privileged laboratory for the sensitivity and the awe of creation.

The prefix META means, in its genesis, “beyond”, and both Fashion and Society are moving beyond the physical plan. And we don’t just talk in concrete terms, of code and programming, but in terms of intangibility, empathy and humanism. Less product, more purpose. Perhaps the ideological pillars of this Metaverse, now under construction, can be the mirror we need for today as they manage to project their light on the present: democracy, decentralization of power, freedom of identity, the true connection between people, places and things, without borders.