Lindsey Stirling releases her enchanting new single “Evil Twin.” Featuring energetic rhythms, exhilarating beats, and a melody that makes you feel like you’re a hero on an adventurous journey, the song is inspired by resilience and self-love. 

The mesmerizing new music video for “Evil Twin” (which is also out today) takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through light and darkness, shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Egypt. With seamless transitions between light and dark costumes, Stirling embodies the theme of inner conflict and self-discovery.

“My album ‘Duality’ is about the conflicting parts of our lives, and ‘Evil Twin’ captures that contrast,” Lindsey says about the release.“Sometimes we feel at war with ourselves as we see the divide between who we are and who we wish we were. These conflicts feel like they could tear you apart, but by facing the darker parts within us, we can truly gain an understanding about ourselves and others.”

“Evil Twin” is the third release off Lindsey’s new album, Duality (out June 14th via Concord Records) and follows previously released singles “Eye of the Untold Her” and “Inner Gold” featuring the alternative artist Royal & the Serpent. 

Duality, a visionary meditation on inner wisdom, personal strength, and the ever-shifting nature of identity, encompasses a dozen songs showcasing Stirling’s refined musicality and gift for sculpting deeply expressive melodies. But while the album’s first half centers on a grandiose and elaborate composed sound informed by Celtic music and other global influences, its latter half leans toward a boldly original form of left-of-center pop. A profoundly imaginative songwriter, Stirling makes brilliant use of each sonic setting by exploring intricate questions of intuition and truth.