Lil Yatchy ‘Warriors’, second drop of 1017 ALYX 9SM COMPILATION VOL.1 curated by Matthew M. Williams & Alamo Records.

Matthew M. Williams has a long-standing history in music: from previously being a creative director for global artists to custom fashion show soundtracks and musical collaborations, alternative and subversive music cultures remains a continued focus for the designer’s work. In collaboration with longtime friend, Alamo records founder & CEO Todd Moscowitz, the two joined forces to curate a project of original, avant-garde music around the latest 1017 ALYX 9SM collection.

The lead single “FAMOUS LAST WORDS” from this compilation project was dropped with Ethel Cain and has made waves with its release. The track has debuted with over 1.1 million streams within its first two weeks.

Lil Yachty comes fresh off an explosive interview with Bobbi Altoff and a successful campaign for his recent album, “Let’s Start Here.”. With over 11 million Spotify monthly listeners and fresh off a viral record, “Strike (Holster)”, Lil Yachty’s track with the brand, “Warriors”, is sure to make waves across socials.

Produced by Alamo Records, the compilation will feature a selection of artists, curated by Matthew M. Williams, and will see singles dropping over the summer with the full compilation set to be released in early September.

Listen to Lil Yatchy’s single from the 1017 ALYX 9SM Compilation vol.1 now at :