LIEBESKIND BERLIN’s #PlayBerlin campaign is an ode to the cosmopolitan lifestyle where Liebeskind’s products come into their own fully. With the #PlayBerlin campaign, LIEBESKIND brings the Berlin metropolitan feeling to the rest of Europe. Life in Berlin includes boisterous evenings at the Späti, an open-minded night culture and the naturalness of personal freedoms. The same vibrancy is expressed in modern designs at LIEBESKIND BERLIN expressively and experimentally. The #PlayBerlin campaign also exudes a lively and modern feeling. By collaborating with Berlin artists and talents, the #PlayBerlin is a true embodiment of the German capital.

LIEBESKIND BERLIN believes in a culture that encourages discovery and boldness. Berlin’s harmony of strong contrasts reflects the brand’s mentality. #PlayBerlin stands for authenticity, individuality, dynamism and diversity.

The coolness of the capital, which always returns as a motif in the design of the products, is still relevant within the brand’s DNA. Nevertheless, the bags FAB and PENELOPE, with their soft pastel shades, show that soft and hard are not opposites. Also, the CHELSEA PUFFY, made of soft lamb leather, contrasts softly with a tough urban environment.

Strong colours like Digital Lavender, Neo Orchid and Mexican Peppers create luminous points in an otherwise subdued colour palette. In the spirit of the #PlayBerlin campaign, the diverse shapes and expressive colours of the bags allow their wearers to freely express and rediscover themselves and their personalities.