Today, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty stokes the fire of its flamboyant blend to the next level with a new, spicy, honeyed floral signature. More intense than ever. Fire in a bottle. LIBRE Le Parfum. A perfume. And so much more than a perfume. Because your fragrance is who you are. Your fierce flamboyance, the brilliant flare of perfume you leave behind, a delight only for yourself, but also the message you send out into the world. LIBRE Le Parfum. Because there is no more powerful word in French to define you, today. LIBRE Le Parfum. Because today, celebrating freedom feels more important than ever. Freedom is the ultimate luxury. The fire that drives you, to feel everything amplified and live LIBRE, free. The fiery vision that burns in your heart. A positive, fearless, burning call to action. But also, the secret of your confidence and charisma….