Free. That’s the one word that defines Yves Saint Laurent. Always on the edge. Experimenting without constraints. Breaking boundaries. Fearlessly self-confident, the couturier dared to bare it all in 1971, in an intimate, provocative nude portrait advertising his first masculine scent. Nude: the ultimate gesture of self- esteem from the man who lived by the motto TOUT, MAIS TERRIBLEMENT – “Everything, but with excess”. And for the women he inspires.

With Libre, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté offers the YSL woman the same unfettered freedom to blaze with irreverence and desire. Sexy. Sensual. Assertive. From the depths of her burning heart to the shivering sensuality of her glowing skin, the Libre woman stretches the frontiers of femininity.

And no one could embody this fiery, dauntless, and uncompromising femininity with more authenticity than Dua Lipa. A glamorous, confident beauty famed for her bold fashion statements, the young singer- songwriter – a cultural definer and one of the most streamed artists in the world – has been the face and voice of Libre Eau de Parfum since 2019.

Today, Libre Eau de Toilette unveils a new, more intimate facet of Dua Lipa’s fierce femininity, defiantly offering her naked skin to the sun in an exhilarating, hedonistic statement of freedom – but always with a couture edge.

Walking the line between the masculine and the feminine, the new fragrance composed by Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm is everything that makes Libre Eau de Parfum so It-conic. But reinterpreted with a bright, fresh sensuality that makes it more dazzling and skin-enveloping than ever, its delicate light golden pink nuance undressed in all its sexy glory by a new, taller iteration of Libre’s It-couture bottle.

Infusing a pure, soft white tea accord into the freshness of Diva lavender and the burning sensuality of orange blossom absolute, Libre Eau de Toilette accents the fragrance’s signature tension between cool and hot. The caress of the sun and the freshness of water. A sexy fusion of scent and bare flesh, expressing today’s need for more transparency and human connection.

Because freedom is more relevant now than it ever was. It resonates in a personal, emotional, intimate manner. More than a state of mind, it’s a way to live. To feel everything on your skin. To embrace who you are, your emotions, your desires. Burning bright. Feeling right. Smelling marvelous all the while, in the radiant sillage of Libre Eau de Toilette…

In 2021, dare to unveil your fire. Experience the excitement. The sexy cool frisson of exposure.

With Libre Eau de Toilette, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s iconic scent unveils its freshest, brightest, most feminine interpretation yet, expressed by its delicate light golden pink colour inspired by the iconic nude nuance of the Saint Laurent collections.

The thrilling ad campaign for Libre Eau de Toilette reunites the cutting-edge, award-winning L.A.-based director and photographer Nabil and the bold new voice of pop music. The quintessential Libre woman: Dua Lipa.