A celebration of innovation, storytelling, and compassion, LGNC creates a wardrobe that not only protects but also nurtures.

LGNC unveils its FW24 collection, “THE WORLD AFTER US”. After several seasons of communicating around an apocalyptic storytelling, the designers wanted to continue the story and impose their vision through this new collection, while remaining true to their commitments and values.

The codes and the DNA of LGNC are established, making it possible to present a complete and modular wardrobe. LGNC focused here on their retro futuristic DNA but even more on its motto : “STREETCARE”. For them, clothes are a way of healing individuals.

This results in tight or oversized cuts, playing with materials that they consider to be second skin, such as leather, pony hair or stretch fabrics. Playing with their very high signature collars to protect or their repeating rivets, these designs are a way to seal the clothing and make a shell out of it. A lot of details and codes that make perfect sense to their motto.

You will find here the perfect wardrobe to heal.