Levi's® introduces the new Torsten Quilted, a very cool sustainable boot designed in collaboration with leading authority on wool, The Woolmark Company, guaranteeing performance and a lower environmental impact through the use of Merino wool.

Levi’s® is putting its best foot forward to partner with The Woolmark Company as it launches a new silhouette among the denim brand’s boots, the Torsten Quilted. 

Sustainability and performance are key cornerstones of these Levi's boots and for this reason, Levi's® has chosen Australian Merino wool for the inner lining of its Torsten Quilted Boot. Merino wool is a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable fibre, and its durable nature guarantees high-performance to the quality product which you can read more about in our feature last week about sustainability & wool.

The inner lining of the Woolmark-certified boot is designed to maintain structure and shape whilst drawing upon the intrinsic qualities of the fibre including breathability, moisture management and odour resistance.

“We are excited to be working in partnership with The Woolmark Company utilizing one of nature’s most functional materials – Merino Wool.  Both high performance and sustainable providing the perfect combination to keep you weather ready this Winter season” says Lee Anderson, Levi's® Merch Footwear.

“The inclusion of Merino wool in Levi’s® boot not only highlights the versatility of the original performance fibre, but also shines a spotlight on the sustainable nature of the fibre, pursuing the company’s mission to inform and promote wool as the original eco and recyclable fibre ” says The Woolmark Company Regional Manager Europe, C&E Francesco Magri. “Merino wool is more and more present  in the world of the younger generations, who cares not only about urban performances but also about durable and environmentally friendly materials”

One of the key innovations in designs with wool that we would like to especially speak about is wool in footwear. Advancements in knitting technology have facilitated the use of wool in footwear. Combining wool with different yarns in a shoe upper draws on wool’s natural properties to promote dryness, breathability, freshness, comfort and warmth. With fully fashioned knitwear uppers, waste is reduced by directly mounting the shaped piece onto the sole of the shoe. Filament-wrapped wool yarns add strength and resistance to abrasion, extending life wear of the shoes making it slow fashion. Wearing wool means less sweat and less body odour amongs many other amazing highlights. And did you know that as a result of research funded by The Woolmark Company, international certification body Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) has officially recognised bedding products made from Merino wool as asthma & allergy friendly.

The casual boot with a green soul has a utilitarian design that’s ideal for both the city life and great outdoors, thanks to the robust structure that ensures performance, protection and comfort. The upper is constructed from leather, coming from factories certified by the Leather Working Group, combined with an insert in eco-cordura quilted effect, created with recovered waste resources that’s both tear resistant and long-lasting which is truly incredible. The inner lining is made from Woolmark certified wool felt, while the new grippy sole is made of 20% recycled materials. The boot’s lacing are also made from recycled materials and a color palette of mustard, dark green and black evokes woodland and autumnal tones.  Recommended price for Torsten Quilted Boot – 130 euros available on Levi's website.

These boots are truly unmissable and are a must have for the fall & winter season. Dont' you agree?

There is something to the softness of wool. It's warm, adaptable, gentle to nature. It is woven with purpose. My shoes have a heart of wool.

 Choose nature, wear Merino Wool.

Watch the video here.