The brand uses vegetable indigo for all denim and a pigment made from wood waste for all prints. 100% organic or 100% transitional cotton is used for the collection.

For decades, Levi’s has been a proud pioneer in sustainable fashion. This is now clearer than ever with the WellThread ® capsule collection for which Levi’s is more than ever committed to sustainable innovation that can reduce the adverse consequences of clothing production. Water and resources are conserved at every step of the manufacturing process, from fiber and dyeing to garment finishing. All fabrics and garments for the WellThread collection are made in factories that recycle their water and the washing formulas have been developed to have a lower chemical, energy and water impact. WellThread _put research and innovation at the forefront of change and scalability in the longer term.

The WellThread ® capsule collection from Levi’s uses BioBlack TX, a vegetable pigment from wood waste, from the company Nature Coatings for the prints. This black pigment comes from FSC certified sources and is used to replace petroleum-derived carbon black made from soot from the combustion of fossil fuels. BioBlack TX is produced via a closed production system and is 100% vegetable. The pigment comes from reprocessed wood waste that would otherwise be incinerated or landfilled. Plant-based indigo and organic and transitional cotton continue to be a key component of this season’s WellThread capsule, while plant-based black pigment is now also added.

Following the launch of the Levi’s WellThread Transitional Cotton program in 2020, Levi’s has continued to work with smallholder Indian farmers who want to transition their fields to a production system that supports soil, ecosystem and people health through ecological processes, biodiversity and agricultural cycles adapted to local conditions. The brand supports these farmers during this transition by committing to purchase their transitional cotton, limiting their financial risk during the transition period to organic farming.

These new steps have been implemented for the Spring/Summer 2023 Levi’s WellThread capsule, which was designed with sustainability in mind. For women, the collection includes the Baggy Dad, a loose and relaxed pair of jeans, and the iconic Type II Trucker, a boxy fit with denim-covered closures. New are the 80s Mom Shorts and a slim cut denim shirt with denim covered closures. For men, the range includes the 551Z and 502 in denim, the Loose Chino Crop in printed denim, and the Vintage Trucker in plant-dyed organic cotton. The Levi’s WellThread capsule allows everyone to express their values ​​with time-tested iconic styles that stand the test of time.

“We are committed to more sustainable methods of making high-quality, beautiful clothing that lasts, both emotionally and physically,”

said Paul Dillinger, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation at Levi Strauss & Co.