The collection draws inspiration from the vast equilibrium of the oceans by translating its fluidity into celestial designs

Los Angeles, California – October 2023. Lever Couture unveiled its new Couture collection, entitled ‘Velocity of Emotions’, on 13th October 2023. Brand muse Alyona Subbotina opened the 28-piece collection, taking the runway at the Santa Monica Barker Hangar. The VIP front row guest was studded with friends of the brands including Milla Jovovich, Ari Lennox, Shenseea, Siobhan Bell, Jordyn Woods, B. Åkerlund and Geena Davis.

Rooted within the infinite properties alluding to water, the hand-crafted designs embrace the liquescent, diaphanous and textural forms that are characteristic of the unbound forces and fluidity behind water. Weaving in nature’s tranquillity, the Couture creations highlight a spectrum of emotions from excitement and energy to serenity and peace, all decoded within a unique colour palette, ranging from white, silver, and delicate hues of nude to bold neon colours.

‘Embrace the golden hues of a California sunset, where the velocity of emotions dances with every stitch. Our new couture fashion collection is a journey through the vibrant tapestry of feelings, as limitless as the horizon.’ – Lessja Verlingieri

Each unique creation is a testament to nature’s aquatic beauty, seamlessly merging fashion with water’s facets of fluidity and movement. The collection is an aquatic exploration, evoking a sense of wonder and a feeling of curiosity rooted within the delicate draping techniques used to design the dresses. Modern takes on traditional sequencing add innovation to the craft, while novel approaches to cutting fringes evoke a dichotomy of fabric floating freely.

Reflecting the unbound facets of water and the rich deepness of our oceans, Lever Couture joined forces with digital artist Jesse Woolston to create a custom installation bridging Verlingieri’s distinctive creative essence with Woolston’s delicate understanding of digitally capturing the fluidity of water, the emotions running like waterways through Verlingieri’s designs.

Translating Verlingieri’s creative universe into the realms of music, composer Tommy Simpson joined forces with the designer to create the show’s soundtrack: ‘I was delighted when Lessja asked me to create some music for her new show. I was thrilled to hear her intention for the show – to represent and embody the full spectrum of emotion. With the current climate in the world, we’re constantly juggling emotions ranging from unconditional love for our loved ones, true friendships and having beautiful aesthetic experiences of nature. We’re constantly redlining our nervous systems, modulating between very strong but often very different emotions, and I wanted to trace that path with this piece.’

Igniting her creative vision and echoing the emotions that are conveyed through the collection, Lever Couture teamed up with long-time collaborator Jenny Williams on the creative direction of the show.

Styling by Sina Braetz and special thanks to MAC Cosmetics, Chest of Wonders, Talent by Simone King, Founder & CEO of Rodeo Madison, Art Director Ricci Williams, Isaac Arron, Karen Reddy-Medeiros, Madeline Leonard, One Ten Media and Photogenics LA.