Always searching for the optimal balance between design and revolutionary technology, OPPO proves to be a global leader in intelligent device manufacturing. With their focus on premium camera technologies, they allow everyone to express themselves and support them in their daily lives. Making this come true with one of the three new OPPO Find X5 series. 

The new Find X5 series takes beauty – both aesthetically and in terms of capabilities – to a whole new level with its modern design, incomparable camera capabilities, fast battery technology, and powerful performance.’’ said William Liu, President of Global Marketing at OPPO. 

Your own professional camera in your back pocket at all times.

OPPO has designed a phone that allows everyone to be a professional photographer without heaving the carry around a bulky, heavy, and much too complicated digital camera. Their new phone comes equipped with extraordinary camera features that distinguish it from any other smartphone. The easy way of navigating the phone and its camera will give everyone the option to shoot an award-winning photograph. 

The new phone features extraordinary systems built into the camera, giving you the opportunity to shoot in almost any condition. With the dual IMX766 camera system, The OPPO Find X5 series revolutionizes photo and videography with premium features such as Ultra Night Video. With its self-designed MariSilicon X Imaging NPU, this phone allows everyone to get the most out of their videos and spark their creative imagination, even in the most challenging settings, such as filming in dim light, resulting in improvement in nighttime video resolution, with its reduced grain, and superior color reproduction. Other camera specifications advancements can be seen in the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras, both of which are equipped with Sony’s sophisticated 50MP IMX766 top sensors. The wide-angle lens allows you to shoot photos on the fly while eliminating noise and sharpening sceneries. They even integrated Hasselblad camera software, improving and refining photographs’ stunning and natural hues. The OPPO Find X5 Pro also offers a better front camera due to the MariSilicon X Imaging NPU. This will make your selfies sparkle. This shows their commitment to promising the best professional camera experiences in a smartphone. The 10-bit screen, which displays over one billion colors, makes viewing your photos and videos a fantastic experience—creating a display full of depth and range.  Other noteworthy features include the ultra-speed 5G connectivity and SUPERVOOC quick charging, and a battery life that will not let you down even in the most extreme conditions.

OPPO’s vision of “technology is an art form” translated into a smartphone with a futuristic space-age design and a premium look and feel inspired by spacecraft. The back of the design is carved out like a piece of art, combining the craftsmanship of creation with long-lasting beauty. It takes 168 hours to make the smooth ceramic back panel. This panel creates a bold, elegant in-hand feel using precise artistry and a one-of-a-kind organic curvature. The available colors are Ceramic White and Glaze Black; both are splash, water, and dust resistant. 

Empower every moment 

This new phone isn’t like any other phone; using it; is experiencing high-performance craftsmanship, allowing us all to not only entertain the idea and give us the tools to be professional photographers with one of the Find X5 Pro series in our hands. OPPO builds on its tradition of excellence by increasing smartphone design and performance standards in its totality. The Find X5 Pro lets us experience and photograph everything around us, with an ultra-fast connection and an out-of-this-world camera system.

Specifications overview: 

Design: Space Age and Timelessly Classical

Display: 120Hz Billion Colour Bionic Display

Camera: Natural Colour System Camera

Power: Flagship Speed and 5G Connectivity

Battery: Fast and Intelligent

ColorOS 12: Imagine More

The OPPO Find X5 series is now available via the OPPO e-store