Leset wants your holiday attire to be as effortless as it is chic as the brand unveils its Holiday/Resort 24 collection. Comprised of pleated trousers, collarless blazers, cozy sweaters and zero closure dresses, this collection further builds upon Leset’s comfortability and sustainability standards. Further pushing the boundaries on how style and comfort can be synonymous for all festivities.

This season, comfortability remains supreme with an introduction of new fabrics that will feel like wrapping yourself in relaxation all day. Start the day in a sleek waistcoat made out of the Austyn textured gray Italian plaid and described to be reminiscent of the original supermodel off duty style. Paired with the Austyn fabrication in matching pants and Leset staple; collarless blazer, this set is designed to seamlessly take you through an entire day of errands, travel and events reiterating the “Leset”. Find complementary pieces in both the Barb, a supple Japanese crafted satin and a Japanese crafted pinstriped set, completed with a sleeveless crew, pocket pant and collarless blazer. Utilizing layering, mixing and accessorizing these pieces can readily achieve that effortless 90s feel.

Home is definitely at the heart of this collection, as when speaking with designer Lili Chemla, she shared her mother Lori as another notable influence. With a transition into her current life as east coast bakery owner, her everyday attire became one of both style and practicality for long standing hours; an idea that became equally important to Chemla herself. This intention can be clearly seen in the direct line between longwear functionality and elevated aesthetics in pieces such as the above-mentioned, pleated pocket pant and the Jane, italian stretch wool painter pant. From the pocket pant’s elastic waistband, and relaxed silhouette to the painter pant’s intricate details such as faux zipper top stitching, intention is subtly crafted.

For day to night gift giving celebrations or a dinner party with friends, Leset finds the perfect union between elegance and ease. A new iteration of the Rio stretch compact pointe, is formed in a symmetrical maxi dress with deep V neckline on front and back. While the Satin long sleeve backless dress offers tasteful open back detail and a breathable slit along the leg. Tapping into the influence of Parisian elegance, these two standout pieces are both notably designed without a hard closure, leaving plenty of room for those irresistible delicacies. Creating an effortless feeling of slipping into the piece, these dresses are sure to be coveted essentials for both daily and for special occasions.

Looking to complete the look this season with an extra layer of warmth, Leset has that covered as well. An introduction of a staple wool trench and new cashmere will be the gift you keep forever. The perfect layering piece to the infamous Margo tee finds itself in the Adam cashmere blend, turtleneck and the James extrafine merino wool, crew neck. Adopting even further the idea of sophistication and relaxation the wool trench layers with ease and also creates a sweater like encasement with a series of beautiful buttons along the front.

No look is complete without proper footwear and to complete their idea of head to toe dressing, Leset introduces new shoe styles as a part of the collection. The new editions of the Louis sock ankle boot and the ruched loafer are another lesson we learn from Leset in minimalism.
Described by Chemla to be, “like wearing a sock with a sole”, the sophisticated design and wool fabrication of boot is the perfect sleek element to complement any Leset set.

As is a foundation of the brand each set of the collection feels as an extension of Leset’s staple pieces that can be smoothly intertwined through layering; ensuring their interchangeability and longevity.