LERA, Amsterdam’s new modern matcha store, celebrated its opening this month. Located at Ferdinand Bolstraat 146, LERA is a destination that brings matcha and specialty coffee to new heights through its commitment to quality.

Founded by Yulia Nikitina, Valeriia Arsonova, and Kristina Khananeina, LERA aims to redefine the matcha experience in Amsterdam by focusing on quality, design, and community. The store sources its signature ceremonial matcha directly from Uji, Japan. Our farmer takes pride in handpicking and stone-grinding LERA matcha to ensure freshness and flavour. The result is a vibrant green colour and a delightful sweet, creamy, and slightly milky taste that sets LERA apart.

We are grateful for the positive response to the opening of LERA. Our goal is not only to provide exceptional matcha but also to create a space where guests can become friends over a perfect cup of matcha. We want to foster a sense of community and connection.

Yulia Nikitina, Co-Founder

LERA’s vision extends beyond being just a shop; it aspires to become a lifestyle brand seamlessly integrating into people’s daily routines. With expansion plans already in progress, LERA seeks to introduce more people to the delicious taste of matcha and create connections among its customers. Derived from co-founder Valeriia Arsonova’s name, the name LERA embodies the welcoming spirit of the store, inviting everyone to discover something exciting and unique.

The store is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, welcoming visitors to experience matcha and specialty coffee roasted for LERA by Amsterdam’s based roasters – Five Ways. For updates and more information, follow @lera.matcha on social media.