Leigh-Anne has announced her debut EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ released on May 31st.

Written alongside Khris Riddick, Danja, and Tayla Parx amongst others, Leigh-Anne’s debut EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ is a captivating exploration of love. Skillfully blending her Bajan and Jamaican roots with contemporary R&B influences, this 5-track EP highlights various chapters of love and relationships featuring recently released ‘Forbidden Fruit’ a sultry reggae-infused song and ‘Stealin’ Love’, a raw heartfelt R&B cut that explores the darker side of love.

Speaking on ‘No Hard Feelings’, Leigh-Anne said: “I’ve been writing & recording so much working on my album but while making it, I’ve made a collection of songs that fit together in their own world. I created this EP for my fans to feel closer to me and to give everyone a better understanding of the solo artist I want to be. Each track reflects a different mood, so no matter how you’re feeling, there’s something here for you. It’s honest, personal and I’m so excited that now it’s all yours.”

Next month Leigh-Anne plays an intimate headline show which sold out in seconds. This debut solo show will be one of the first chances for fans to hear Leigh-Anne’s new music live.

As a solo artist, Leigh-Anne has quickly amassed over 65M+ global streams, earnt two UK top 40 singles and graced the cover of countless publications including Rolling Stone UK, Glamour and Tush. Experimenting with new sounds, ‘Don’t Say Love’ and ‘My Love’ have so far seen Leigh-Anne embrace genres such as Garage and Afrobeats. ‘Stealin Love’ showed a more raw and honest side of Leigh-Anne as she explored the darker sides to love, while ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is a passionate and sultry banger which sees Leigh-Anne surrendering to temptation. ‘Stealin Love’ and ‘Forbidden Fruit’ are the first taste of an upcoming collection of songs that perfectly showcases Leigh-Anne’s artistry and sonic direction as an artist.