The brand offers essentiels for women, with modern and simple, yet sophisticated pieces. LEBRAND is all about best quality and care for the execution. The main idea is to combine comfortable with sharp tailoring and to juxtapose power dressing with soft and feminine touches.  

Keeping in mind that the future is bright, LEBRAND introduces vibrant, rich colors – orchid pink, sky blue. Combined with flowy and organic fabrics, they tuck up the body in the sunny feeling. It is the time we feel strong and courageous again and we show that in colors as well as in the bold
silhouettes. LEBRAND’s fashion mindset was also focused on travelling – with Italy seaside close to our hearts hence the sand beige and neutral tones in other designs. In terms of shapes they kept playing our usual game of balancing old and new, feminine and masculine. They believe in classic, but try to keep it modern. LEBRAND is still faithful in their signature styles the well cut jackets, cosy jumpers, caftan dresses and impeccable leather. They are complemented by a touch of newness – bold shape trench coats, palazzo pants with flattering slits. Masculine coats and austere lines are softened by the comforting touch of cashmere and wool.

The label’s production process is mainly based in Poland, working closely with small and local suppliers that value the brand’s great tradition of tailoring and craftmanship. The brand’s natural fabrics – cotton, wool and linen – are sourced in Italy, France and Portugal.