On Mother‘s Day Acqua di Parma offers a new way of making her feel even more beautiful, Le Nobili shimmering oils. A gift of light and perfume, perfect for Mother’s Day, to be chosen in her favourite fragrance: Rosa Nobile, Magnolia Nobile and Peonia Nobile.

The oils are very light and silky in consistency, and satisfying at rst touch. The brightening effect, immediate and long-term, is extraordinary. In a few moments, and almost by magic, it will feel like wearing a thin luminosity-boosting veil on the skin. The oil is enhanced by a set of multi-re ecting pearls which wrap the body in in nite re ections and last a long time. Along with the lightness, the oils release the perfumed tones of the fragrances based on the noble owers of the most magni cent Italian gardens. The soft, re ned tones of Rosa Nobile, the lively sillage of Peonia Nobile or the elegant magnetic composition of Magnolia Nobile. The oils are like beauty accessories to make you feel even more unique and enhance the make-up, clothes and jewels at an event, a dinner or a party. They can also heighten the radiance of the free and sun-tanned skin on summer evenings. Along with the brightening action, the cosmetic formula is designed to leave the skin smooth and velvety, thanks to the synergistic effect of jojoba oil, with its emollient properties, pomegranate seed oil and karité butter that have a pleasant conditioning action. The shimmering oils, perfect to combine with the Bath Gel, Body Cream and Hair Perfume from the Collection, complete the ritual of Le Nobili. Their sensorial embrace allows to experience the most beloved fragrances in a different form, while taking care you of one’s beauty. The precious oils are encased in a luxury packaging. The iconic Art Deco bottle, taken from Colonia and embellished with the gold satin top, has a special dispenser to distribute the formula better on the skin. The clear glass makes it possible to see the re ections of the luminous pearls, drawn in the nuance of the fragrance: soft pink for Rosa Nobile, bright pink for Peonia and ivory white for Magnolia. A luminescent cascade also covers the box, in embossed paper in the sun- lled tones of Acqua di Parma trademark yellow, nished at the base with a thin outline in the distinctive colour of the fragrance.