Lotions are the prelude to every beauty ritual and are fundamental for radiant skin. As a complementary and now essential bonus, they nalize cleansing and prepare the skin to receive the next products. LE LIFT Lotion delivers targeted anti-aging action. The secret: botanical alfalfa concentrate, a smoothing and rming active ingredient, combined with a magnetic water complex developed by CHANEL Research, which delivers bene cial hydration deep within the skin. Bringing together e cacy and extreme comfort, LE LIFT Lotion was specially reformulated to o er a combination of high-performance, natural ingredients and a sensorial experience.


Based on its extensive understanding of the skin and its formulation expertise, CHANEL Research created a magnetic water complex composed of skin-mimetic elements with the power to structure water in concentric layers, which increases its a nity and availability within the skin. Like a magnet, it helps attract, bind, and retain water molecules for intense, long-lasting epidermal hydration.


For the LE LIFT range, CHANEL selected a plant grown in France that is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids: alfalfa. A green biotech- nological process is used to extract a high-performance, smoothing and rming active ingredient from its seeds. Gentle on the skin, its action is similar to that of retinol, a key ingredient against skin aging.* It stimulates the production of type I collagen and reactivates the cellular proliferation of keratinocytes, all while encouraging epidermal di erentiation.*


LE LIFT Lotion preserves the skin’s balance for radiant beauty. In a nity with the skin, it has a new, denser, jelly-like texture that transforms into a water on application. It absorbs instantly and leaves skin with a pleasant feeling of comfort (+23%**). The tensing e ect is immediate (+17%**). Skin texture is re ned and pores are less visible (-13%****). Skin appears plumped (+14%**) and stays hydrated for 8 hours.*** Smoother and rmer, it is better prepared to face daily aggressors. The complexion glows with luminosity (+17%**).


As a rst beauty step, apply LE LIFT Lotion morning and evening with the ngertips or a cotton pad, smoothing from the center of the face outward and over the neck after carefully cleansing and removing makeup. For even better results, gently pinch the skin along the nasolabial folds, the forehead line, and on the cheeks with the thumb and index nger. Repeat 3 times. Follow with the other products from the LE LIFT range: Crème Yeux, Sérum, Crème or Crème de Nuit.

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