Myrrh, a resin once considered to be so sacred that it was more valuable than gold, is known in Chinese traditional medicine as a “blood mover.” It should come as no surprise, then, that MYRRHE 55, Shanghai’s City Exclusive, is a creation that will get your heartbeat thumping. Myrrh, which smells of incense with a strong licorice twist, is at the “heart” of this creation. Its partners-in-crime are jasmine and patchouli, all well-anchored on a bed of oud, ambergris, and of course, musk (don’t worry, all vegan notes). MYRRHE 55 is understated elegance, emanating contemporary yet creative classicism that makes it hard to ignore and forget. It’s a Chypre, ladies and gents. Dark and electric, old and new. Just like Shanghai.