City Exclusive fragrances are only sold in the city they are made for. No online sales. No phone orders. No exceptions. However, once a year, and for a limited time only, we allow every Le Labo boutique to sell every City Exclusive scent. Only available from September 1 through September 30 in the Netherlands, in-stores and online.

Citron 28:

This complex composition is dedicated to Seoul, an alpha city, one of the iconic capitals of the world. A city with its own contradictions, rooted in tradition and history yet at the forefront of all that is modern and forward thinking. Opposing forces that only a bohemian citrus can embrace. 

In the beginning, Citron 28’s early codename was Citron Boheme; we wanted a real lemon perfume that wasn't just lemon, but a twist on this icon of citruses. A mix and match of freshness and structure (lemon, ginger, and jasmine, resting on cedar and musks), it strikes the right between the original and the conservative. Citron 28 meets the need for purity and simplicity and, as such, delivers something almost universal and easy to understand – yet remains inscrutable. 

Citron 28 is only available in the Netherlands between September 1 and 30 at counters in de Bijenkorf and selected stores. The rest of the year available in Seoul boutiques, counters and duty-free locations. Eau de parfum: 15ml, €103 / 50ml, €271 / 100ml, €395.