We are proud to announce the appointment of Stéphane Ashpool as Artistic Director and Senior Designer to dress the athletes of the French teams for the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris in 2024.

In order to dress the French delegation — hosting its first Games since 1924 — Stéphane looks to the future and draws inspiration from the multiculturalism of our athletes. To reflect this, he reinterprets the tricolor flag, using a mixture of hues and languages to reflect the country.

The collaboration between the French teams, Stéphane Ashpool and the French Olympic and Paralympic Committee will have Le Coq Sportif manufacture performance clothing for more than thirty Olympic and Paralympic sports, ranging from swimming to tennis, from skateboarding to gymnastics.

Mainly produced in France, a large endowment will allow them to dress all of our four thousand tricolor athletes. This will include a complete and extensive locker room, brought to the Olympic Village during training as well as during official visits, media performances and the medal ceremony.