The Lazoschmidl Spring/Summer 2024 collection follows the rhythm of a couple’s romantic getaway. From boarding to pool time, from seafood dinner at the beach to skinny dipping under the crescent moon. Lightness and nonchalance accompany the protagonists while they indulge and enjoy each other’s company wearing sheer, soft and short clothing. Striped bathing suits, crochet ensembles and snug tops evoke the feeling of nostalgia while hi-tech fbres cite an utopian future in a yet non-existing world.

The dreamy gaycation features upcycled fight jackets and hybrid denim hotpants with open fy and sewn-in swimwear while AI generated artworks are based on the symbolism of a cliché-ridden love novel. As Lazoschmidl develops each collection from writing, feeding the super computer with words describing the scenery takes the approach one step further. Ideas become prompts, and code turns into trip-like renderings. Or is it just a fantasy?