Cartier is launching a multimedia campaign fronted by five extraordinary talents, Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang. The campaign, to be disseminated across the world, marks the celebration of the launch of the new Pasha watch, a cult watch marked by its amazing design and distinctive codes.

Since its creation in the 1980s, the Pasha watch has embodied a certain idea of success that is evident in its extroverted design, and graphic singularity. As edgy as ever, the new Pasha remains unique, yet in tune with new generations of creators, who owe their success to their differences, creativity, and multidisciplinary talents. Cartier’s new campaign recalls the unique ability of these creators to transcend preconceived ideas and forge new, exceptional paths towards achievement. The Maison entrusted the articulation of this vision to New York fashion photographer Craig Mc Dean, with images centered around the new Pasha ambassadors Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang.


As a YouTuber, singer, and actor, how would you describe your different identities and the success you have achieved from each? How do you balance these different professions and manage your own time? 

I think for me the driving force has always been an insatiable desire to create, no matter the format. That’s manifested itself in a few different ways over time, and keeps me really excited about my work. The through line through all of them is a love and need to process life through making stuff, and the kick I get out of sharing it.

What is the main thing you’ve learned from success and what are you most proud of?

I think the main thing I’ve learned is that there’s really no rules. Do what feels right, trust your instincts, take risks, and enjoy yourself. I’m most proud when someone mentions that a song/album of mine has been the soundtrack to a particular season in their life. I love when that happens to me with music, so I’m always really honoured when it happens to someone else with mine.


Hollywood can be a bit systematic; how do you fit in and how do you challenge that environment?

I’m instinctively drawn to projects that feel like new territory, not only for myself but for Hollywood as a whole. It is important to challenge the status quo in our industry so that representation never becomes fenced in by habit or tradition. I really hope the conversations that our industry is having right now will prevent the further perpetuation of stereotypes.

The distinct design of the Pasha watch challenges the predominance of round shapes in watchmaking and amplifies its presence, originality and singularity. How do you relate with the watch and spirit of Pasha de Cartier?

I love that Cartier has a way of honoring what is treasured of the past and marrying that with a modern accessibility and twist. It has both delicacy and strength. 

We are thrilled to unveil this campaign and introduce these extraordinary talents to our diverse audiences around the world. Cartier is a pioneering house, in constant creative exploration and strongly committed to come up with innovative campaigns as well as collections that appeal to our diverse audiences.” declares Arnaud Carrez, Marketing and Communication Director at Cartier International. “The diffusion of this campaign enables us to share our values of universality and openness. The contribution of our new Pasha ambassadors is a way for our Maison to celebrate this creative dialogue born more than 170 years ago.”

Beginning on September 4, the campaign will feature billboards in capitals of the world, as well as print advertising in major newspapers and fashion and lifestyle magazines. Furthermore, Cartier is unveiling a movie featuring these 5 exceptional talents who reveal a glimpse into their world inhabited by creativity, assertiveness and versatility, as well as 5 short movies, each dedicated to one of the talents. Viewers will be able to see and explore the movies through the Maison’s website