In October 2021, the award-winning MÁDARA Organic Makeup range will be joined by the long-awaited mascara, combining reinforcing ingredients and dream performance in a clean, natural certi ed formula — true to the brand’s roots and uncompromising values.

DEEP MATTER Bold Volume Mascara


The natural certified, high performance formula and sophisticated wand give way to creative freedom and invite to explore unusual techniques, creating everything from natural looks to experimental styles.

Working on Deep Matter, the MÁDARA creative team dared to embrace uncertainty and question the traditional narratives of beauty advertising, turning the process into a creative experiment itself.

“What we often see in beauty advertising, especially in the case of mascara – cliché images of an enchanting lady that is trying to seduce the viewer, and the e ort is conscious and obvious. We decided to walk a different path, looking for a deeper and more authentic way to communicate with our audience. To give in to the process, and see where it leads.

Our initial aim was to capture a direct and authentic gaze, free from cliché expression, super cial emotion and resemblance of one’s social roles – of a woman, a model, a mother, a daughter, a wife. We were looking for a disarmed gaze of a free human being.

We see a beautiful, inimitable peculiarity in what others might see as a seeming imperfection.” – Liene Drazniece, MÁDARA Art Director