The new collection is as much about celebrating as it is about breaking down the anxiety of elegant evening attire. The collection takes eclectic inspirations ranging from the rigid formality of Last Year in Marienbad, to the iconic street styles of metropolis. Ways to understand both extremities propel further exploration in the brand’s pursuit of the experimental wardrobe, this time for all gender identities.

Classical drapery, tailored shoulders and layered mesh from formal dressing languages are incorporated into tank tops, hoodies and other casual pieces. The outerwear marks the continuation of brand signatures on coats and jackets, such as the chain-lock design, oversized lapel and handcrafted crease-effect. Expending the brands vision on womenswear this season, the collection focus on light and simplistic pieces that are effortless and yet unorthodox interpretation of classic grecian femininity. The womenswear offers a variety of skirt lengths from very structured pencil skirt to light weight maxi skirt, as well as deconstructed gowns. After serval seasons of exploring gender-neutral characteristics, the new collection marks the merging of masculine and feminine images within the brands discreet and yet edged aesthetic. 

On the occasion of the release of the new collection, an exclusive presentation will happen on a dinning cruise boat on the river Seine. The presentation would be a theatrical experience within an intimate setup.