In the words of Andreas Kronthaler:

It took some time to get the shoot organised but when it happened it was great. It’s lovely being able to show and share where Vivienne is from.

I loved our casting. There is Cora Corré, my granddaughter, Ben Westwood, who stood in for his mother, Sara Stockbridge who jumped on a train and joined us in the midst of it. We had Zakaria Dau from Paris – I love him, sweet man with the most incredible smile. Mark Vanderloo who was ever such a great sport, we made him into the village punk. Vivienne Rohner who Vivienne was very fond of and who is named after her and of course myself, Juergen and Dovile, who were excited to shoot in Tintwistle. It was a very romantic few days for everybody. 

We began shooting where Vivienne was born at no.6 Millbrook, Hollingworth. We went to the bowling club, the football club, into some back gardens, in the children’s playground ‘Conduit Street’ Park, and visited some relatives of Vivienne and shot in their front and back garden. We ended the day at Vivienne’s grave and took a few pictures there. It felt very special to document this moment. 

Everything was filmed by Gordon Swire, Vivienne’s brother who is a filmmaker. He was telling us what it was like growing up in this northern Mill village in the fifties. This atmosphere is what we wanted to capture with these pictures. 

To go up there and shoot the campaign has been very helpful in the process of coming to terms with the loss of not having her with us anymore.

Photograhy by Juergen Teller