Alberto Pelayo’s “Late to my wedding” is a visual story of a bride running late to the ceremony. Did she oversleep? Or perhaps had her last affair before becoming a devoted wife? We might never find out.

Shot exclusively for Numéro Netherlands, Pelayo’s passion for AI enables him to share a story in a clear way while creating unique imagery that mixes analog and digital media. Whether it is the accessories or placing the model in certain environments, Alberto approaches post production with the same attention to detail as the photoshoot to elevate the experience.

After all, in the world of real-surrealist everything is just slightly not what it seems. 

Dress by @ksenya_shabanova

Concept and photography: @albertopelayo.jpg
Stylist: @veronica_bergamini (archive)
Makeup: @vaniacesarato
Hair: @carlo.ruggiu
Talent: @cindyreise @wave_management
Assistant: @gianluigi_esposito_recchia

Words by Marek Bartek