Sports and lifestyle brand New Balance celebrated ‘Grey Days’ worldwide throughout the entire month of May, in honor of the brand’s signature color grey and its heritage. To mark the occasion, the brand set up a pop-up café in Brussels.

At the NEW BALANCE GREY CAFÉ, people were able to discover the new collection, watch the New Balance short film ‘Grey Days: Born From Running,’ and enjoy barista-made coffee.

The Shake Out run that New Balance hosted together with Cadence (run crew) attracted more that 130 people the day before the 20K of Brussels.

Why Grey Day?
Since the 1980s, when New Balance began making high-quality running shoes, the color grey was deliberately introduced for both running shoes and all other models. Over the years, grey has remained a key feature in the New Balance collection. The color stood out among other brands and perfectly fits both urban life and urban running. While the shoes have evolved over the years with new technologies and materials, grey continues to symbolize the timeless quality and style of New Balance.

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