For her latest collection, Lauren Ruicci, the artistic director of Luaruicci, brought us into David Lynch’s cult film “Dune”. 

From the first look of the show, composed by a faux fur coat and a beige dress, we are immersed in the extremely harsh desert planet Arrakis, a world beyond your imagination. 
Transported into this fantastic universe, we discover a strong collection, made of sand and gold. The models,  transformed into surreal creatures, were covered with airy fabrics, made of transparent veils or even thick togas, draping beautifully these magnetic silhouettes. 

Braving the sandstorm, Laruicci’s muses dashed off into a magnetic parade, driven by the perfect soundtrack, as strange as entraining, taking us on an unforgettable journey. We saw leather flanges, metallic yokes, gold cuffs, a lot of mesh and a dash of faux fur. From the boldness of the jewelries and the destructiveness of the clothes, we could see the essence and the origins of the brand, which started in New York in 2009. 

For the introduction of their 7th ready-to-wear collection, Laruicci have proved that they have not finished surprising us, and we can’t wait to discover what will be the next destination.

Arrakis submerges deep into the light. The navigator swims to the point where Arrakis disappeared. He begins to pull and tear a hole in the Universe. Stars like sparks and SOUNDS and rings of light appear, along with a roaring WIND. The Navigator swims deep into this hole through the rings of light. The Navigator becomes more and more transparent, until he’s lost in darkness. The sounds fade.
Dune (1984). Seventh draft, December 9, 1983.57.