Cover: Lacoste x Netflix, Bridgerton

Something special happens when a renowned fashion brand and a popular entertainment company come together to collaborate, and fans of Netflix and Lacoste are in for a treat with a unique collection. The collection released by Netflix and Lacoste is meant to celebrate the unique worlds of our most beloved series, such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Money Heist, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow & Bone, and Elite.

Starting April 12th, iconic Lacoste clothing items such as polos, sweatshirts, tracksuits, and more will have a new look. The clothing will be seen in the Upside Down and in the Las Encinas high school with the iconic Lacoste crocodile, which will have a different appearance for each series. This gender-neutral collection will surprise fans of adventure, romance, teen dramas, and fiction. True to their vision of the world, Lacoste and Netflix appeal to all generations and tastes.

“We are thrilled with this collaboration that has led to a unique encounter between our two worlds and our organizations that focus on creativity, innovation, and know-how, bringing together diverse communities,”

says Catherine Splindler, Deputy Director of Lacoste

Lacoste X Netflix, Sex Education

“We believe that products can be a powerful medium for telling stories, and collaborating with Lacoste provides a unique opportunity to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment. This collection is an immersive and creative way for fans to express their love for our stories and characters,”

says Josh Simon, VP, Consumer Products, Netflix

Lacoste X Netflix, Lupin


Polo shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and tracksuits are part of this new collection, which includes a mix of sportswear and fashion. The iconic Lacoste crocodile can be found on every piece of clothing in the collection, disguised in the outfits of Netflix characters. For Stranger Things, its face transforms into that of the fascinating Demogorgon. With a nod to Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton, the crocodile wears an oversized wig. Other pieces are adorned with an all-over Toile de Jouy-like print, with disguised crocodiles alternating with the Netflix logo. A must-wear collection that gives fans the chance to match their love for their favorite shows and their favorite clothing brand with their personal style.

Lacoste X Netflix, Stranger Things


As part of the collaboration, videos have been created featuring the crocodile in a world that blends the Lacoste universe with the various Netflix shows. Dressed in Lacoste x Netflix outfits, these fictional characters go beyond the ‘Netflix & chill’ uniform; designed to be worn everywhere. The collection is sold in Lacoste stores around the world.

The Lacoste x Netflix collection is now available in select Lacoste stores, on, or at