We are aware of the scarcity of face masks in Dutch hospitals, so – because every contribution has been nicely included – they donated 1,000 facial masks to the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch. At the time of writing, these masks are produced by their supplier. In addition, Meike, their junior designer who works at their design studio (in their flagship store) in Den Bosch, has time to spare. The sales floor is very quiet, which makes Meike a bit restless. In the time that she now had to spare, she got creative. And there, of course related to these times, a design for a face mask originated. A good example that this virus blocks and hurts a lot, but that creativity cannot be stopped.

Comment from the founders: This damn virus, it affects all of us. We need to stay indoors as much as possible – just as spring is arriving -, social contacts are suspended until we-have-no-clue-when and the virus is spreading, making people in the care sector working overtime.  Right now our store is empty, appointments are being rescheduled and various productions have been stopped. We can’t and shouldn’t do anything, but we found out that we just can’t sit still. So we started looking for what we can do. For ourselves, for our environment and just in general in this whole situation, to make something positive out of it. 

For more visit their website: Laauw.com