Colorful, with gems, a dash of sparkles, sustainable and affordable, the plastic jewelry mania has conquered the most discerning fashionistas. 

A new way of democratizing the luxury, these little accessories inspired by the 90s and 2000s, bring trinkets back into fashion and make kitch glamorous. They add something joyful, almost childish, to our outfits and have already won the hearts of Gen Z. 

The leading actor of this new trend comes directly from Spain, we can find their creation on the hands of the most punctilious and famous influencers. We are, of course, talking about La Manso. 
La Manso was founded in 2019 by Adriana Manso. Infused by the nineties, her creations are one of the kind. From earrings to rings, Adriana wanted to create something completely new and sustainable. The first pieces were made from molds recovered from an old shop in Barcelona. Today, the molds are made specifically for the brand in Europe, then shaped, injected, and painted by hand in La Manso atelier.  Every piece is unique and demonstrates perfectly the combination of originality and craftsmanship.

Since its launch, the brand has been a hit and its signature model, called “iconic”, has been one of the most counterfeited ring designs. Always copied, never equalled!

A couple of years ago, Adriana Manso met Florence Tétier in Marseille, over a glass of Pastis. Florence Tétier is an accomplish artist: co-founder and creative director of November magazine, creative director of Jean Paul Gaultier, she began her jewelry band named Tétier Bijoux 5 years ago. Made from recuperated and obsoleted objects, her brand is imbued with her energy and creativity. Each object is unique, in limited quantity. 

The synergy between the two women and their respective universes is not surprising, and the idea of a collaboration came naturally when they met.

“I think part of fashion/creation is about doing what feels right in the very moment, even if there is no specific explanation. It was very smooth even though we are both busy and not living in the same city, but we made it!” said Florence about their partnership.

The Queens of Plastic introduced an exclusive and wonderful collection, composed of 26 pieces including square rings, flower rings, earrings, hair pins and iPhone cases. The identities of the two brands have merged into a unique and stunning 3D collection that reminds us of a colorful bouquet of flowers and makes us want to dip our hands into these spring-like creations. 

Launching event held by @autrementpr

You can find the collection online before it runs out of stock…

words by MARIE-PAULINE CESARI @itsjustmp