Koradior, a high-end women’s fashion brand, made an eye-catching appearance at the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris, France, on the occasion of the Sino-french Fashion and Culture Festival, which took place during Paris Fashion Week.

After taking part in several events around the world, the brand continues to spread Chinese embroidery, blending Eastern and Western arts. 
Transforming garments into veritable works of art has always been La Koradior’s principle. Thanks to its meticulous craftsmanship and ongoing absorption of nutrients from traditional crafts, the company is committed to making clothing an art.
In the future, La Koradior will continue to adhere to the principle of “excellence in craftsmanship, the art of haute couture, and Sino-Western aesthetics” and collaborate with craftsmen and artists from different fields to create more exquisite garments and transmit Sino-Western aesthetics to the world.