The single marks the start of a new musical era for Cantrall.

Today, multi-hyphenate actress, singer, and songwriter Kylie Cantrall released her newest single titled “Texts Go Green.” The debut single from her forthcoming album spawned from her viral “10-Minute Songs” series on TikTok, in which Cantrall writes an entirely new song in just 10 minutes. The track arrives as Cantrall promises more frequent releases in the near future.

As part of Cantrall’s “10-Minute Songs” TikTok series, fans sent her three words (“block,” “green,” and “bedframe”) and 10 minutes later she had written a full-length song inspired by a conversation she had with a friend about a dating mishap. “Texts Go Green ” showcases Cantrall’s impressive songwriting skills, vocal talents, and artistic versatility.

“I always want my lyrics and messaging to empower listeners and make them feel like their most baddie selves” said Cantrall. “Whether it’s cranking the song up loud and screaming the lyrics in the car or motivating one of your friends to recognize their worth and leave that toxic boy/girl!” she added.

Cantrall incorporates common dating mishaps in the new single, including the age-old scenario of pretending to enjoy yourself as your date serenades you. Cantrall hopes that stories like these told through “Texts Go Green” will help her listeners, who she credits as helping write the song with her, relate to both herself and each other.

Cantrall shows no signs of stopping here: her next single will be released in October and her debut album is slated for early 2024 through Artist Partner Group.