Coming off the success of her 10-Minute Series, “Elastic” is a taste of what’s to come ahead of her highly anticipated debut EP.

Multi-hyphenate actress, singer, and songwriter Kylie Cantrall released her newest single titled “Elastic” alongside its official music video. Following the success of her EP, “Elastic” draws from that same 90s/2000s inspiration to establish another danceable pop anthem for the singer’s discography.

Through an impressive display of songwriting skills, vocal talents, and artistic versatility, Cantrall continues to explore themes related to dating in this day and age. Most notably, in the song’s lyrics she navigates the challenges of receiving mixed signals, which leads her to question the relationship she’s in.

Cantrall describes the feeling of having to settle for the bare minimum and unsuccessfully convincing herself that’s enough. Pointing to the title of the single, this boy is stretching her patience, like an elastic band, and she will eventually reach a point where she snaps.

“I always want to empower girls with my music, and I love everything that Elastic stands for. The idea that you shouldn’t bend over backwards for somebody who’s not giving you the same respect in return,” said Kylie Cantrall. “The girlies must stand on business, always!” she added.

Directed by Mary Mason and Kylie Cantrall, the music video presents an alluring ensemble. Dressed in her signature style and working with dramatic and colorful lighting, Cantrall collaborated with choreographer Mary Mason to showcase her impressive dancing skills and bring the project to life in a way only she can, proving that dance anthems are still in demand.

Kylie’s official EP is slated for summer 2024 release through Artist Partner Group. She’ll also be starring as the lead title character in Disney+ “Descendants: Rise of Red”.