KWK by Kay Kwok returns to London Fashion Week for AW23 as the brand celebrates the start of their 10thAnniversary Year under the Creative Directorship of designer Kay Kwok. Founded on a philosophy of Experimental Expression, looking forward through time and imagining a global society which we’re yet to arrive at has become central to the brand’s singularly unique vision. Genderless, experimental, and confronting in their artistry and aesthetic, KWK by Kay Kwok collections challenge convection, liberated from tradition and stereotypes with a creative proposition that is boldly unapologetically avant-garde and futuristic.

Digitalisation-driven, KWK by Kay Kwok present seasonal brand avatars, embodying values, ethics, and stories we see in the real world around us, but transported to a distant future. Free from the expectations of the material world, these ambassadors for liberated and diverse thought present an out-of-self opportunity for creativity in the third person. For AW23, KWK by Kay Kwok introduce LALA, and translate the brand’s DNA and design signature as seen through her lens.

In KWK by Kay Kwok’s AW23 show at London Fashion Week, subcultures collide in a rich visual interplay between our world today and that of tomorrow, imagining what lies ahead and the possibility of what could be in a strong message of individuality, diversity, liberation from expectation, and new-age human confidence.