Amidst an era where the new and commercial continue to saturate our fashion industry, KVRT STVFF draws inspiration from the past to create PERFORMANCE, a collection built on the vintage and timeless. Designed out of the brand’s studio in Barcelona, PERFORMANCE combines underwear and sportswear to create the future of everyday essentials. Including seven minimalist pieces embellished with portraits of KVRT STVFF’s most distinctive imagery, the label, founded in 2018, continues to elevate and enhance its universe. Using technical and recycled fabric, alongside thermo-sealed technology, PERFORMANCE has been designed for both the office and the active. The latest collection represents a full-circle moment for KVRT STVFF in its reminiscent evocation of the first collection of 2019.


Since 2018, KVRT STVFF has been curating refined collections to make people feel comfortable in their own skin. The brand offers an array of sportswear, swimwear and underwear — all the while blurring the boundary between fashion and function.