The semi-finalists will present their collection to the jury and industry leaders on next March 2nd and 3rd 2023 in Paris.

KUSIKOHC is one of many creative outlets for Cho Giseok, a polymathic practitioner who has found success in photography, creative direction, sculpting, drawing and more. Rooted in messages of community, identity and reinvention, Kusikohc is unapologetic in its approach. This is made even more significant through its uncompromising motto: “Right to Fail,” which screams for individuality at the most authentic level. Through ground-up compositions, in which he oversees everything from clothing and art direction to photography itself, Giseok has built a uniquely nuanced channel through which to transmit his interpretation of gritty and trend-defining Korean youth culture to the world.

The “Right to Fail” concept is derived from Kusikohc’s very first collection, and showcases the delicate balance of co-existence in a juxtaposed reality. With narrow visibility back when the first collection launched in 2016, it was important to Giseok to reinvoke this concept again, this time evolving the subtle nuances of the theme and achieving a broader presence. In the end, “Right to Fail” is a promise to himself, with Giseok carrying his personal motto through his creations, but just enough to leave it open to interpretation for anyone who might come across it.