Pop duo KTJ & CARLY explore relearning yourself after the end of a relationship on new single SUNDAYS.” The songwriting/musician duo are well known for crafting addictive and dynamic tracks like “In My Ways” and “Shitty People.” Their knack for honest storytelling has garnered them a dedicated fan base and a host of accolades and peer recognition.

KTJ & CARLY’s new track, “SUNDAYS,” explores rediscovering yourself amid post-relationship anxiety. The melancholic melody is reminiscent of that Sunday evening feeling we call the “Sunday Scaries,” when the day has been free and soft but morphs into frustrated anxiety. Featuring acclaimed guitarist Zane Carney (John Mayer, Thundercat, EVAN + ZANE), the wistful ballad begins with a soft acoustic guitar riff that billows beneath quiet, warm, and whispering vocals. The blooming piano creeps under the surface until the slyly psychedelic arrangement bursts into a frustrated, painful howl. It’s a bleak storyline about relearning yourself when you’ve lost the one thing that brought you comfort, and as the elegant, winding melody meanders through to the finale, listeners can feel the stinging hope and desperate grabs for normalcy.

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